Level 3 Info

1. Rights to use our name in all of your advertising
2. Rights to use our logo in all of your advertising
3. Consulting for your Business/Management (lease, purchase negotiation, etc.)
4. Ongoing support and program development
5. Access to our weekly class plans
6. Once a month scheduled phone conference
7. Black Belt Testing by Grand Master Hanshi Moti Horenstein himself
8. Opportunity to host seminars at your location presented by GM Hanshi Moti Horenstein
9. Uniforms, patches, certificates available
10. Access to train in any of our network schools
11. Instructor networking
12. Access to existing programs in our organization
13. Instructor certificates
14. Monthly advertising materials
15. Monthly events / calendar
16. Private training for the main instructor (given during seminar visit by Hanshi Moti Horenstein)
17. Eligible to participate in our yearly tournaments
18. Open invitation to our Black Belt Extravaganza promotion
19. Your school and instructors will be posted on our website
21. Video support of the curriculum by level
22. Access to our Annual Instructor Training and Networking gathering.